Coaching Overview

Curt Whipple’s Abundant Income and Abundant Life Coaching Program for Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents.
Here’s a Sample of What We’ll Cover:

Coaching Session #1

  • THE client presentation that will double, triple and even quadruple your income per new client
  • How you can gain a prospects trust in your first visit.
  • How can you better relate to a new prospect.
  • Why developing your people skills is more important than your financial planning skills and how to be the advisor they relate to and ultimately choose.
  • How to take your seminar or workshop appointments from 35% to 60% or better.
  • How to insure the prospect will show up for the first appointment.
  • How can you improve the chances that your first appointment will show up for the second appointment.
  • The annuity presentation to beat all annuity presentations.
  • The complete “system” that will turn your seminars or workshops into over a million dollars of annual income.

Coaching Session #2

  • How to make sure the prospect likes you in the first 30 seconds.
  • Office or no office?
  • How to have an office that sells before the prospect even meets with you.
  • Why your office could be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in “INCOME”!
  • Probing Strategies for the first appointment with a new prospect.
  • Are you just another financial advisor/agent? How to stand out from the crowd.
  • How to beat the competition
  • Learn your prospects buying strategy and make the sale.
  • How to learn your prospects true pain (90% of advisors miss this) and find the perfect solution.
  • The art of drilling down! Without this you will see more prospects choose the other advisor.
  • Why your current newsletter is failing you (if you even have one) and how to fix it!
  • How you are paying for leads that you aren’t getting and how to make sure you make every lead count.
  • How to know when your prospect is ready to say YES! Then shut up and write it up.

Coaching Session #3

  • Closing Strategies that make the sale!
  • How to help the prospect make the decision to work with you without selling.
  • Four steps to a new client and why closing is the least important part.
  • Why you have become a commodity and how to change that.
  • Why you’re losing 70% of your sales opportunities and how to fix it.
  • What to do with prospects who are procrastinators and turn them into sales
  • How to make the sale on page 1 of your presentation and you have never mentioned an investment.
  • The Roth conversion analysis that your client can’t walk away from.
  • How to improve the odds that your prospect will show up for your second meeting.

Coaching Session #4

  • Seminar Speaking
  • Learn what Forbes teaches about speaking in seminar
  • Why prospects buy feeling and how to make sure they “feel” what you are sharing
  • Why your tactical teaching is killing your progress and income
  • Why your current Power Point Presentation isn’t working and how to fix it (you don’t need another seminar)
  • Why you’re actually making it harder for the attendee to choose an appointment with you.
  • Make it easy for your audience to say; Holy Crap! I MUST see this advisor!  How soon can I get in?
  • How to increase your Authority in the eyes of the prospect by having your own book in just 7 days!
  • Story Telling when you speak and how it makes all the difference!

Coaching Session #5

  • Magnetic Marketing: How to attract clients that Pay, Stay and Refer!
  • Webinar selling: How to get appointments while you are sleeping or on vacation
  • You must have “SYSTEMS”. The four systems that will change you life
    • Presentation System
    • Lead System
    • Referral System (How I average 80-100 client referrals per year)
    • Inter-Office Systems (This is freedom for you the advisor)
  • How to have a message so compelling the prospects must come to hear about it.
  • Direct mail marketing or social media? Which should you use?
  • Marketing System mistakes to avoid!
  • Have you marketing system on auto pilot!

Coaching Session #6

  • How to complete a thorough client Fact Finder that loads your shot gun
  • How to get 80-100 client referrals per year.
  • How to get referrals by asking the right way.
  • How to get “quality referrals”
  • Speaking preparation checklist
  • Seminar speaker blueprint
  • Four pillars of unshakable confidence
  • How to double your income in the next 6 months without one new client.
  • How to have multiple CPA’s and attorney’s sending you leads on a regular basis

Coaching Session #7

  • Finding quality employee(s)
  • Inter office systems that free up the advisor find more clients
  • Staff job descriptions “Plug and Play” with minimal training required
  • How to keep staff happy and cut down on office drama
  • How to run a great Ad and only work with the top candidates
  • How the advisor(s) should never touch a paper application
  • How advisors can work solely with clients and new prospects and THAT’S IT”!
  • How utilizing Virtual Assistants can be the answer to your office issues
  • How to make sure no new prospect or client ever slips through the cracks

Coaching Session #8

  • Why financial planning will never be the same and how you can come out on top
  • Financial Planning and technology. How to make sure you are at the cutting edge
  • Making technology work for non- technical advisors
  • Finding your unique ability and capitalizing on it.
  • Creating the client “Experience” and why it’s more important than even the plan.
  • Helping the prospect find a vision for their retirement that leads to excitement!
  • How to be a big fish in whatever pond you decide to fish in
  • How to guide the prospect to their own conclusion that involves you as their advisor
  • Finding your unique niche’

Coaching Session #9

  • Developing a brand that attracts potential clients
  • The Brand Flywheel
  • How to avoid commoditization and build more authority in your marketing
  • How your website can rapel or attract more prospects
  • Empowering clients to refer more prospects to you
  • How your market will choose you over the competition
  • Why you need to author a book and how to get one in as little as 7 days.
  • Are you over-delivering to your clients? Should you?
  • How to get clients and other professionals to refer more prospects to you

Coaching Session #10

  • Is your office phone costing you clients? How to fix it!
  • Is your email costing you business? How to fix it!
  • The Power of Why and how it will change your practice for the better!
  • Keys to a more productive Facebook page
  • The market that virtually no one is going after and is worth millions to your firm!
  • Should you be marketing life insurance or running from it?

Coaching Session #11

  • How you can finally get organized and stay on track to accomplish twice as much as before.
  • Video emails and building better relationships
  • Client educational events and how they will increase your firm income by 25% or more
  • Mailing strategies that will get your envelopes opened and provide a higher ROR.
  • How to properly plan and set goals that will motivate and work

Coaching Session #12

  • How to spot good stocks and bad stocks. When to Buy, Sell or Hold
    • Advisors month, Curt will answer questions submitted by members.
    • Mastermind Session
      • Each member will present the 3 things they implemented that have resulted in the largest growth for their firm
    • The Ultimate Marketing Machine Introduction