I started in the life insurance business in 1984.  Two years later I got my securities license and left the company I was working for to start my own company C. Curtis & Associates.  The associates part was an effort to make me appear to be a substantial firm.  In truth I was in my cold dark basement working under a bare lightbulb and cold calling people asking if they had ever considered doing a financial plan for their future.  100% of my appointments came from cold calling and referrals.  I did this for 5 long years barely scrapping together enough to feed my family and the bills and debt were piling up.  I remember standing in the driveway of my home with tears coming down my face as I told my best friend that we were going to lose our house.  I didn’t know it then, but my problem was I had no idea about marketing or systems.

By  1991, I was finally covering all the bills and making a living.  In 2001 I made $250,000 of income which felt good at that time.

Then it happened!  I discovered the keys and secrets to effective marketing and built my own software presentation system called Red, Blue, Green, Concepts.  Just 6 years later in 2007 my total commissions and fees came to 2.7 million of income.

That then created another problem.  How do I handle that kind of growth?  I created 4 systems to help advisors who grow their firm to do so while reducing their stress and the hours required so they could spend more time with their families.  I would love to chat with your and find out your dreams and goals and help you reach them quickly and efficiently.

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