Would you like more client referrals?  If so, that comes from building trust and loyalty with your clients!  How do you do that most effectively?  YOUR OWN “CUSTOM” NEWSLETTER.

Please do not confuse some bought off the shelf “financial newsletter” with your own custom newsletter.  Few clients ever read a financial newsletter and they certainly don’t hold onto them for long.  I’m talking about a newsletter that from front to back is all financial stuff that many clients become board with or just don’t find the time to read.

What you want is a custom “Newzine” type of letter that while it may have some financial news in it, is more fun to read and cause people to keep around for a while.

Ask yourself why doctors’ offices and many other businesses always have old outdated magazines laying around.  The answer is that people will spend time in them!  Why do you have some magazines around your office or even your home?  You noted an article or something that you wanted to read later.

For more information on custom newsletters (Newzines) that your clients will hang onto and share with their friends, Click the link below to email Emma for more information.