Office System

Many if not most advisors and agents I speak with are going crazy spinning plates each week and month.  This leads to more hours in your office and possibly missing out on quality family time.  I’ve been there!  In the 6 years I went from $250,000 of gross income to 2.7 million, I had to hire help (eight additional staff members) just to handle the influx of new business.  I had a high turnover of staff and plenty of office drama…UGH!  Life was not fun.  Most IMO’s/FMO’s are geared more toward helping you market.  Any coaching they provide is usually a one-time event and then it’s up to you to implement.  At TPA, we are with you every step of the way throughout the year that you can’t find elsewhere.

No one was there to teach me how to handle the growth and my staff.  As a result, I was forced to learn how to effectively and efficiently run my practice.  A president of an IMO stated “Curt, you have created the Henry Ford Assembly Line for financial advisors and agents”.  The end result was me cutting my hours down to 25 hours a week, spending more time with my family and travel and still running a multi-million dollar practice.  Learn how you can do the same.