Partners Program

I know what your thinking!  There is no way this guy got that many client referrals per year for the last 11 years.  Sorry, but it’s true!

Now, how would your life and your practice change if you received 80 to 100 client referrals each and every year?  Your financial practice is about to explode “IF” you implement you are about to learn.

What percentage of referrals from a happy client would you be able to close?  70%?  80%?

Now take your average sale and multiply it by say just 60 out of the 80-100 referrals you receive each year.  Wow!  That’s five new sales per month!  Without any advertising or seminars!

Let me tell you about my “Partners Program”.  I developed this program in 2008 in an effort to find a way to increase client referrals.  The first time I ran it I got 4 referrals, second time 11 Referrals and it kept growing.  In my second year of this program I receive over 109 referrals from my clients.  Is it any wonder our firm was doing millions of dollars in commissions and fees when I combined that with our other forms of marketing?

The best part about the “Partners Program” is that it doesn’t cost you one penny until and unless you get a referral.

Here is what one advisor in, Ohio said after starting his own partners program:

“If it wasn’t for your “Partners Program” idea Curt we would be spending far more money to try to get appointments and not making near as much money.”

Jeff B.   Ohio

Partners Program

Here’s what you get:

  • 36 pages of how to build your own Partners Program (This is so well laid out that you can hand it to a member of your staff and simply say “Here, I would like you to implement this program for the firm.”)
  • Sample flyers and promotional items to advertise and promote your own program to your client base.
  • A complete recording of the 36 pages in audio format for easy listening in your car or smart devise.
  • A 12 month money back guarantee, it either works or your money back! What have you got to lose (except more hot leads)?

Normal price for this program: $497.

 If you could get 80-100 client referrals per year, would you think this program would be worth every penny?


However, you won’t pay the normal price of $497.  You won’t even pay $397 or $297 for this fantastic life changing program!

I want to pay it forward and serve as many financial advisors across America.  My goal is for qualified financial advisors like you to help as many people as possible secure their financial future.  With your expertise and your concern for others financially security, I would like you to have this program.

This very special offer is ONLY for those people who have ordered my book which you can do below if you haven’t already done so.  The book is FREE (just pay shipping of $2.97)

Why only for you now that you have ordered my book?  Because once you read my book you will be exploding your business and I will know that you are that special advisor who is making a difference.

Your price for this life and practice changing program is ONLY $67

Remember it comes with my ONE YEAR money back guarantee that it will work for you and get you more client referrals than you have ever gotten in the last year or I will gladly refund your money*

Quantities are limited as I can only find so much time in my day to produce these.  So, don’t delay!  Be the first in your market place to have and implement this program and watch your calendar become flooded with warm leads who trust you because they were referred to you.