Referral System

77.5% of advisors say referrals are a critical part of their marketing.  However, only 11.9% of the time does the average advisor ask for a referral (what I call a favorable introduction)!  Why is this?  It can be for several reasons.

  1. We get lazy.  Seminars became an easy way to gain leads and maybe you don’t feel the need to get favorable introductions (FI’s) any longer.
  2. Because of the internet many new clients are less inclined to refer others.
  3. You no longer know how to get FI’s.
  4. You have no system for making this a daily part of your business.

Getting FI’s has become a lost art.  However, in The Top Advisors coaching program I teach you five different ways to get referrals systematically.  Just one of these ideas was responsible for bringing in 80-100 client referrals each and every year since 2008!  You can build multiple streams of favorable introductions.