Daniel L., MI

The first week using Red, Blue, Green and coaching with Curt Whipple we made a $900,000 annuity sale on our first attempt. In the first month using RBG, we exceeded our total sales of the last 6 months from the previous year. I can recommend Curt and RBG software to any advisor looking to get more production from each prospect or client visit.

Matthew D., NJ

Working with Curt has been a valuable asset to my company. He helped me set up and organize my new office and tighten up my seminar speaking so I can land more appointments. His software has been the shining light when it comes to having my clients understand their files and in turn, ensure that I close many, many more deals.  I am able to close higher amounts in one appointment, saving me time and clarity to my clients. I am so thankful I signed up for Curt’s coaching! Having him as a mentor has changed my life and my bottom line. My production is rising and I don’t see any end in sight.  If you’re lucky enough to get a spot in Curt’s coaching program, don’t hesitate. Just do it. You will thank me later, and never stop thanking Curt.

Mark K., GA

Curt helping me use his proprietary software has helped me tackle much bigger clients than I ever felt possible, and even more clients from $200k-$2m and they both seem to get it. The software is easy to understand and helps make the sale because they can understand the sale much better. This in turn helps my bottom line of production.

IMO’s only give you so part of what you need.  For me, Curt helps me close the gap and helps close the deals.  I consider Curt is way more than a coach. I consider him a friend. He has been truly great. I wish there were more guys in the industry like Curt.

David M., LA

“I would recommend anyone looking to grow their practice should join Curt Whipple’s coaching program.  My very first sale was a one million dollar annuity sale!”

Michael M., TX

The book I wrote with Curt Whipple’s assistance has made a major impact on my practice. I hand these out at my seminars and, when people come in to see me, they have filled in blanks and highlighted items of interest. I’ve found this adds considerable credibility. For the first time, I will do $10 Million of production and I attribute much of this to the book. I’ve only had it for a couple of months.

Dan and Marie O WA
Dan and Marie O., WA

Working with Curt Whipple as a coach has been nothing short of amazing.  He has helped us in most every aspect of building our financial practice from office atmosphere, bringing on staff, roles and responsibilities, seminars, workshops, educational events and of course getting more leads and doubling and tripling the amount of business per new client.  His personal attention to our needs has saved us years of frustration and accelerated our profitability many times.  We would recommend hiring Curt as a coach to everyone in the financial business regardless of current production or income levels.

Rob K., CA

I wanted to give you an update on your IUL workshops that we have run. Last week we had an 83% of buying units set an appointment with me. Last night we had 100% of attendees set an appointment with me. These are the best numbers we have EVER gotten.

Wilson C., AL

One of the best things that have happened to my business by being part of The Top Advisors coaching has been getting my own book.  Curt has made it so easy to do.  I believe having my own book is a game changer!  I have found it easier to set appointments, close more sales than ever and build credibility and authority.  Rather than spend a few thousand dollars on another webinar or seminar, you need to be the author of your own book!

Jeff B., OH

“Like many advisors, we have always struggled with getting more referrals.  After implementing Curt’s system we immediately saw a dramatic increase in referrals and closed business.  I could not give a stronger endorsement.  More referrals.  More business.  More fun and deeper relationships with our clients!”

Mike F., MI

“The Red Blue Green software has really helped my practice in the years that we have used it. Two phases that it’s helped in, number 1 is going to be the client input, it’s very quick, it’s really easy. More importantly not only myself can use it but my staff members are able to input my clients information and it’s that easy to understand that anybody with industry knowledge or not can put the information in so I can get the clients report done a lot faster. Second thing is, when it comes time to present the plan to the client; precise, direct and easy to understand. None of this 50-60 page prospectus or printouts or illustrations or any of that stuff (we’ll call it). It’s a couple of pages, directly to the point, easy to understand for the client, more importantly easy to explain to the client. We all know if a client is easy to understand they are more likely to say yes. It’s really truly helped my business grow to the point of where we are at today. I encourage everyone to at least give it a try, don’t be afraid of new things, give it a try, have your staff give it a try and let them tell you how great it is. So take it from me, implement this into your practice and it will simplify the way that you build plans and the way that you present plans.”